Tai Chi  and Qi Gong FoR health and well being

Slow gentle repetitive movements of Qi Gong and the practice of Tai Chi Hand Forms enhances well being

 Our system of tai chi is Wudang
Our system of Qi Gung is 
Ba Duan Jin

TAi Chi HANd Forms

We teach the following hand forms                                                             Short Hand Form
Long Hand Form 
Advanced Short Hand Form

There are Three Weapons Forms IN OUR SYSTEM 

Weapons training benefits health and constitution
Weapons provide aerobic exercise helping to develop strength and coordination

Sabre Form 
The form is meant to emulate the movement of a tiger. It strengthens resolve

Spear Form

The Spear form is a short vigorous form The spear form is said to promote wisdom


The sword from is a very intricate form requiring considerable patience to learn and skill to perform. Practising the sword form is said to nourish the chi


There are a number of partner work exercises in our system.Partner work an and push hands help to develop co ordination and tai chi listening skills

Fighting Applications

The hand forms have a dual purpose. Practising the forms enhances health and well being.
Each move in the form has a fighting /self defence  application.We have a policy for explaining applications as this deepens the understanding of the forms. 
Teachers are available for students  interested in practising martial applications.

NEI Gung

Nei gung  is taught for development of internal strength.  The exercises are taught to more advanced students in our system
The exercises are taught individually by arrangement with an advanced instructor