Welcome to  Practical Tai Chi Chuan  Manchester and Cheshire

We teach Tai Chi for fitness and health   Tai Chi forms    Martial applications    Competition training
We have a policy for working in small groups and catering for individual interests

Practical Tai Chi Chuan

Classes Monday 19.00 to 20.00    
Bramhall Park Lawn Tennis Club                 
Bramhall Park Road
SK7 3 JN


Beginners 18.50 to 19. 50 Advanced 20.00 to 21.00
St George's Church Parish Rooms
28 Buxton Road
SK2 6 NU  Classes    

   We are available for                                                                                                       Individual Tuition
        Courses in the workplace                                                                                         Demonstrations in schools
         Demonstrations and courses for community events

Chris Henney          0161 485 4898                                               chrishenney@hotmail.co.uk



 Group News
                           The  Wudang Practitioners are moving forward following the death of Dan, our head of school.
                     Summer camps are being held in a number  of locations in UK and Europe
           Matt has attended a push hands convention in Hamburg and a tai chi union event in Sterling
                                 As a supplement to the regular classes I am running  advanced workshops for
                                 advanced students. The August session included push hands drills and in depth spear practice
                                                         .                                                          Camps 
                                                                  Two summers camps are being held during the August Bank Holiday           
                                                                   One in Kent, Cranbrook The other in the Midlands, Dragon  Wood
                                                             Further information is available on Practical Tai Chi Chuan Facebook page


Jon Lorentson Greater Manchester

 Matt Davies    North Manchester            


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