Wudang Practical tai chi chuan

dan docherty
 PRINCIPAL INSTRUCTOR OF wudang tai chi chuan 

Dan Met his teacher  Chen Tin Hung in 1975.  Like his master he established his reputation by winning a major fighting contest in Malaysia in 1980. After 8 years of intensive training and travelling Dan gave up his job in The Hong Kong Police Force  and returned to London where he established his Tai Chi Chuan teaching base.
Like his master Dan’s fighting achievements overshadowed his vast contribution  to the development of  Tai Chi.  He was a founder member of The Tai Chi Union For G.B. and has played an active role in The European Federation.
Dan travelled extensively and   founded Wudang Tai Chi Schools throughout Europe and further afield.  His quest for research added a dynamic quality to the development of Practical Tai Chi Chuan.                                    
As an author he wrote with insight and conviction on the practical, historical and philosophical aspects of Tai Chi Chuan
Dan ‘s open style of teaching  led his students to high levels of personal achievement

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